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Our board is composed of people involved in Europe’s second chance. 

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Since 2021, E2C Europe has hired 2 employees.

Successful student


“This is my letter to European Second Chance School.
My name is Rasmus, I started my journey in Malmö, at European Second chance school in 2014.

When I was being there as a student, my studying time was wonderful. They were helpful teachers and very open to the students. The difference from this school and the schools I’ve been on when I was younger is that this school is looking after its students, taking care of them. Everyone is open to everyone both the back drawn students and the open ones. Thanks to E2C I learned to open up and learned how to initiate a conversation with new people I don’t know from the start. The school is important for all people around the world. Ordinary schools should learn from how they are teaching out. After E2C I started to study on a “college” called Malmö Folkhögskola, it’s a preparation education for university.

What you learn from E2C is how to act in front of people, they are not ignoring you if you have any questions. Under my time on the school I had Göran and Sarah and Malin as teachers. They should have an award for how they are teaching out and helping the students.

I will always remember this school, because every time I´m having trouble with any subject I just think back and start to think what they told me how to act and how to think with that problem and remake it to a conclusion.”