What are our projects ?

Participating in projects is crucial for E2C Europe, as it strengthens the organisation’s capacity to provide innovative and tailor-made schemes for Second Chance actors. In addition, it helps to improve the social and economic impact of E2C Europe while highlighting those we are fighting for.

S2CENE project and E2C Europe WP3

“We believe that Second Chance Schools’ approach is strategic for the capacity building and social, cultural and professional inclusion of young European adults. Thus, the investment on the creation and reinforcement of the social and politic status of SCS reveals to be strategic for the promotion of social inclusion, equal opportunities, and justice among European citizens”.

S2CENE is a European project led by the E2C Matosinhos in Portugal that started in December 2020 and will end in November 2023. 

The project has 3 objectives :
– Contribution to the institutional positioning of the European E2C network
– Creation of new national and regional networks
– Strengthening of E2Cs in European countries

In order to achieve its objectives, S2CENE brings together partners in Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal and France with the presence of E2C Europe in the project. It offers the help of experts acting in the field of second chance while participating in the construction and strengthening of the mentioned networks.

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Research has shown that participation in mobility, the experience of living and working in another country, leads to greater employment opportunities. The Eurobarometer  on mobility says that  59% of people without work who moved country found a job within 12 months. However to participate in international mobility is a greater challenge for disadvantaged young people, with less than 8% taking part.

INCAS targets disadvantaged young  people, aged 18-30 years who face multiple barriers to social and economic inclusion. The benefits of international work placements can be dramatic – testimony from a KA1 beneficiary at  Doncaster College UK described the experience as “life-changing”.