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Second chance school

What for ?

Combating school failure, drop-out and social exclusion of disadventaged young people.

form part of an
international network

🔸 Meet peers committed to fight school dropout and youth unemployment
🔸Participate in projects involving international partners, including mobilities

Build up
your expertise

🔸 Strengthen and share your expertise related to the social and professional integration of vulnerable young people
🔸Build up your capacities participating with your

Develop and promote
the E2C model

🔸Support and take advantage of our advocacy work
🔸Contribute to the definition of the E2C model in Europe, participating in studies and surveys

Get involved in
E2C Europe governance

🔸Stand for election as member of the Board
🔸Contribute to the definition of our strategy

Make your
voice heard

🔸Contribute to working groups and experts meetings
🔸Increase your visibility and promote your initiatives

Support us

Promote the Second Chance Schools in Europe and back our communication efforts

Support and suggest new collaborative projects (studies, pedagogy, trainings, advocacy work, etc.)

Help us identify key partners or possible members

Share job offers / workplacements for European Second Chance Schools students

Fund our activities and projects

Attend our events

… and more!

speak with our team

Are you looking for a new impulse for your projects? At E2C Europe, we are committed to providing you with quality support adapted to your needs. Contact us now to find out more about our programmes and discover how you can join our dynamic community committed to the future of young people in second chance schools.