What is happening within E2C Europe ?

There is a lot of movement at E2C Europe. The activities are jostling each other and the themes are varied and adapted to young people and trainers/Teachers.

Youth Event and Youth Summit

Youth Events have a significant impact on young people in the Second Chance School (SCS) in Europe. These events offer young people the opportunity to meet young people from other countries and to discover new ways of living and working. Youth Events also encourage young people to step out of their comfort zone and develop their social and language skills. Young people in the E2C benefit from these activities, as they help them to feel more confident and develop their team spirit, thus enabling them to better integrate into society and the labour market. Ultimately, Youth Events play an important role in empowering E2C young people by giving them the skills and tools to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

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Teachers Meeting

E2C Europe organises a special event for trainers and teachers of Second Chance Schools in Europe, the Teachers Meeting. This event is a unique opportunity for trainers/teachers to exchange ideas, practices and experiences with their counterparts from all over Europe. Participants learn about new teaching and training methods, discover the latest tools in education, and make lasting connections with colleagues who share the same ideas. In addition, the Teachers Meeting enables participants to better understand the challenges faced by young people attending the Second Chance Schools and to find innovative solutions to help them succeed. We encourage all trainers / teachers of second chance schools in Europe to participate in this unique event and to contribute to the future of Education in Europe.

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